Golden FTP is a client software using pure FTP commands to complete FTP tasks.
The software focuses on project to suit requirements of software developers and web masters.

Golden FTP contains many unique and outstanding features comparing with other FTP tools.
There are four main pages on the software, first page is similar to other FTP tools, last three pages are designed for project works.
If your FTP tasks are related to project, the software provides many extraordinary conveniences.

Once you set local and remote project, you have following benefits:

  1. Upload and download files
    By other FTP tools, you have to carefully select target folder to let source files go.
    If you forget to change target folder, you make a transfer mistake.
    When you frequently modify project files and upload/download them often, your eyes may become tired and you may get many transfer errors.

    By Golden FTP, you simply upload/download files and do not need to worry about target folder.
    The software calculates relationship between source and target files, source files will automatically go to correct target place.
    This feature makes uploading/downloading very fast and very safe, which saves your time and totally avoids transfer errors you had before.

  2. Concerned file
    Which is a server text file that you may concern all the time - a typical concerned file is php error_log file.
    If you set the server text file on concerned page, you can view, edit, refresh and upload it easily.

  3. Loops on server side
    The software can loop or enumerate on server side for
    • Change case
      to change server items to lowercase or uppercase as a whole.
    • Searching files on server side
      by case-sensitive, file-size and wide character options.
    • Comparing project folders
      Server project root or any sub-folder can be compared with its mirror folder on client side to find differences between them.
      The feature allows you to clean up project, or lookup and correct potential errors.

  4. FTP and HTTP tools
    • FTP wizard
      This tool is designed by us, which can view server text files and images via FTP protocol.
      Server text files can be modified and uploaded back to server side on the tool.
    • HTTP tools
      Those tools are existing software on your computer, such as FireFox, Windows Media Player and Microsoft word.
      Golden FTP provides special HTTP methods, you can use those tools to browse server files for main domain, packed domain, addon domain and others.

Please see screenshots for more information.